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Antaeus charm bronze

Antaeus charm bronze

130,00 €Price

Antaeus charm in recycled bronze, after the sculpture depicting one of the twelve labours of Hercules by Giambologna. Measures 52x19mm. Comes on a rough silk ribbon with handmade bronze clasp.


"Let each new hero come

Seeking the golden apples and Atlas:

He must wrestle with me before he pass

Into that realm of fame


Among sky-born and royal.

He may well throw me and renew my birth

But let him not plan, lifting me off the earth,

My elevation, my fall."


It tells the story of Antaeus, who was unbeatable as long as he was in contact with his mother, the earth. In a wrestling match with Hercules he was lifted up off the ground and was then, for the first time in his life, defeated.



    Flat rate insured shipping to Sweden €9, rest of world €15

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