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I'm Hanakin, and I love gold, and anchovies.

All the jewellery on this page is handsculpted and cast in reused metals, the shapes inspired by old European gold artefacts and other sculptural passions. I am interested in heirlooms and treasures passed down from generations, and I create jewels that can act as contemporary antiquities that will outlive my own life as their creator. When you buy a jewel, you join my extended family of golden treasure-seekers and fantasy archaeologists, and become another branch of the family tree.

All of my pieces are cast using the lost wax method (Cire Perdue), a 6000 year old method in where both the original model and the cast is lost during the casting process. Every jewel therefore has small irregularities and no two look exactly the same.

I make clothing with fabrics sourced from my home province in southern Sweden and dyed with spices and wine, they represent a luxury of the soul, aiming to increase a sense of quotidian pleasure through the beauty of their history; a fading print, incarnate memories, proof of experience, smells from the past, textures reminding of the earth. 

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